PVC Foam Vinyl Sheet Manufacturer — March 6, 2018

PVC Foam Vinyl Sheet Manufacturer

PVC Foam Sheet Manufacturer
PVC Foam Sheets
Versatile PVC Vinyl Flooring Option — December 1, 2017

Versatile PVC Vinyl Flooring Option

PVC FlooringPVC Flooring is one of the fastest growing flooring products. It is a great & affordable substitute for hardwood or tile flooring. Choosing the best flooring sheets or Vinyl Floor Tiles for your home can seem overwhelming with such a wide range of flooring available in the markets.

You can go for the Vinyl Flooring which is one of the most resilient, versatile and inexpensive flooring option. PVC flooring can be installed as sheet, tiles or plank. Vinyl is usually constructed in layers- the wear layer, the printed or decorative layer, and base. Marvel Vinyls supplies PVC sheets for floor coverings since 1985 for various applications such as home furnishing, healthcare, sports, transport, retail & offices, hospitality etc. Vinyl flooring comes in both low end and high-end categories.

Vinyl Laminate FlooringMarvel Art Floor is comes in less expensive range and delight floor comes in expensive flooring range.

Printed Flooring range comes in Art Floor that offered in a spectrum of colors and designs comprising of more than 200 prints and shades. Heavy Duty Printed Flooring range comes in Delight Floor that looks like Laminate Flooring, stone or wooden floor at fraction of the cost suitable for providing a luxurious low maintenance.

Anti Skid Floor Coatings for Slippery Floors to Prevent Falls — November 7, 2017

Anti Skid Floor Coatings for Slippery Floors to Prevent Falls

Slip and fall accidents are quite common many surfaces and environments require slip resistant floors and for all these type of safety requirements Anti-Slip Coatings are the best technique to create anti-skid flooring. Applying slip resistant Vinyl Floor Coverings are drastically reducing the risk of slips. Anti-Slip Floor Coatings must be considered for the places handle crowds of people like shopping malls, retail stores, schools, universities, hotels and restaurants. Marvel manufactures high quality of floor coatings for hospitals, playgrounds, kitchens and bathrooms for last three decades.

anti skid flooring

Marvel Vinyls skid safe floor is designed to enhance flooring with non-slip coatings to create slip resistant flooring, this skid safe product provide Anti-Skid Flooring Services at very affordable price and offers broad collection of prints, colors, designs and textures. Anti-slip coatings is used to provide anti-skid surface as safety precautions to avoid accidental deaths and disabilities and all these flooring can be used in different applications of residential, commercial and industrial.

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PVC Commercial Vinyl Flooring Sheets — August 21, 2017

PVC Commercial Vinyl Flooring Sheets

PVC heavy duty flexible flooring material is the best suited flooring product for the industrial applications such as manufacturing units, constructional areas and all commercial industrial places. Marvel Vinyls Endura range covers all industrial or commercial flooring includes homogeneous, heterogeneous vinyl floor covering and all these flooring sheets are relatively cost effective option as compared to other flooring materials.

When comes to choose durable material for industrial floors for your business,  vinyl is the best option considering the expected usage and ecological factors such as high humidity, wet climates etc. Marvel will be glad to help you to serve the best quality PVC materials for your commercial and industrial flooring needs.

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Geomembrane Waterproofing Sheet Liners PU PVC Coated — May 9, 2017

Geomembrane Waterproofing Sheet Liners PU PVC Coated

Technical fabric PVC coated products are the most commonly specified lining material for Waterproofing Sheets, geomembrane sheets that are used the world over for complex technical applications.

Marvel Vinyls manufactures all Technical Textile Materials such as single side coated, double side coated, customized coated and geo-membrane sheets.

Vinyl Geomembrane Sheets have an excellent resistance to abrasion, UV resistant, chemical resistance, highly flexible and durable under all environmental conditions. It’s an ideal cost effective solution for roof waterproofing, floor waterproofing etc.

PVC Geomembranes liners have been successfully used in listed applications.

1. Tank Liners
2. Pond Liners
3. Swimming Pool Liners
4. Landfill Liners
5. Dump Yards


Marvel Geo-Membrane Sheet Supplier in India exports high quality of PVC coated material for technical textiles offered thicknesses range from 0.15 mm to 1.00 mm.

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Commercial Flooring Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Business — April 11, 2017

Commercial Flooring Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Business

PVC or vinyl is the best flooring option for commercial place such as offices, shops, stores, restaurants, warehouses etc. Commercial Flooring Sheets of Vinyl are available in various designs with wide variety of shades in attractive colors with modern stylish patterns that enhance your office space that will have an impact on your audience. Flooring you have in your working space will inspires your employees, visitors and clients.

Flooring that looks like wood, Vinyl Laminated Flooring has become increasingly popular in commercial flooring and it’s basically designed to imitate the look of hardwood flooring.

Vinyl Sheet is strong, easy installation and low maintenance type of flooring material which suits your pocket as well as its available in very good price. Marvel heavy duty vinyl flooring homogeneous and heterogeneous sheet designs are simply the best suited for commercial flooring applications like offices, shops etc. Marvel can also customize as per the user requirements of colors, sizes.

If you are looking for highest quality material of Vinyl Commercial Flooring – Marvel Vinyls is the reputable name in manufacturing and exporting PVC flooring since 1985.

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PVC Laminate Flooring Excellent Substitute to Authentic Hardwood Floors — March 16, 2017

PVC Laminate Flooring Excellent Substitute to Authentic Hardwood Floors

What makes Vinyl Laminate Flooring the best choice for your home and office floors? Laminate vinyl floor covering capture the realistic look and feel of real woods available in various luxury finishes. Vinyl Wood Flooring is very simpler to clean, easy maintenance, most durable, resistant to scratches or stains, water resistance and the best part is available in very reasonable affordable cost.

PVC wood laminate sheet flooring is the sort of synthetic flooring product which is best suited for home furnishing to give a sophisticated look to your special home decor.

Laminate Flooring looks beautiful yet gives a modern feel into your home decor (living rooms, kitchens, corridors, halls etc.)

Vinyl laminate flooring comes in tiles, planks, sheets and you can also customize these floor sheets as per your requirement. It’s a multi layered synthetic flooring product that is made to resemble real hardwood.

Laminate Flooring PVC Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate flooring is the cheapest flooring option that looks like wood or compared to its counterparts. Marvel Vinyls having 30 years of excellence experience in manufacturing finest quality of  vinyl flooring sheets and exporting in overseas at cheap and best price available in the market.

Delight Heavy Duty Printed Vinyl Floor Sheeting range of Marvel is an ideal flooring choice for house, offices, restaurants, new buildings and renovations. You can choose your best flooring print design here -> https://goo.gl/JDAkcH

PVC Clear Flexible Curtain Sheets Manufacturer and Exporter — February 28, 2017
Vinyl PVC Plastic Sheet and Film is all Around Us!! — December 19, 2016

Vinyl PVC Plastic Sheet and Film is all Around Us!!

In the modern age, Polyvinyl or PVC Sheets is the most versatile thermoplastic material which is widely used in industries such as packaging, electronic, architecture, transportation, chemical engineering.

PVC Sheets is going to be a must have property for Packaging industry. Vinyl plastic sheets are used for packaging food items, consumer goods, medical and pharmaceutical packaging etc. Polyvinyl Chloride sheets and films available in different sizes, thickness and colors it can also be easily customized according to the packaging product requirement.

PVC film sheet is the most economical option for packaging its very light and having resistant properties to water, dust, moisture, UV rays that makes it the most common material use in today from children toys, packaging to shower curtains.

Vinyl or PVC is all around us whether in the form of table covers, office stationery, water proofing lining, tank lining, raincoats, building materials and in automotive industry etc .

There are different types of  vinyl sheets and films :-transparent pvc sheets

  • Clear Flexible Sheets
  • Opaque Flexible Sheets
  • Translucent Flexible Sheets

Clear transparent sheets for packaging, shower curtains, table covers etc. Opaque for office and stationery. Translucent for roofing, windows etc.

PVC Flexible Sheet manufacturer and exporter Marvel Vinyls having wide range of varieties over 500 print design and colors depending on the preferences on the customer or you can customized PVC sheets as per the requirement. The product comes in sheet rolls offers superior quality, durability, chemical resistance and toughness.

opaque pvc sheets   translucent pvc sheets

Antibacterial Flooring for Hospital Healthcare Environment — September 27, 2016

Antibacterial Flooring for Hospital Healthcare Environment

Flooring is an main design element in the healthcare environment if you are looking for flooring option for hospitals, clinics or any other healthcare division you need to pay attention on hygiene to keep patients safe from infections or diseases and should be anti-bacterial or germs free flooring, non-slippery, durable, easy to maintain and control other environmental concerns.

PVC laminate flooring is considering the best healthcare flooring option for hospitals which comes in various varieties such as wood, plastic, tiles, planks etc. Marvel setting benchmark for hygiene and performance standards in complex healthcare environments. Heavy Duty Anti-Bacterial Flooring is highly suitable for high traffic areas and such environments where floor keeps on getting dirty every minute.

Choosing the right vinyl flooring is an important decision because vinyl offers superb protection against bacteria. It comes in many colors, textures and designs and you can also customize as per your requirement.

Marvel Vinyls has developed products for healthcare industry as listed : –

  • Anti-Stat
  • Skid-Safe
  • Endura
  • PVC Sheets for Waterproofing of Mattresses
  • Elegance for Leatherette
  • Geo-membrane for Hazardous Waste

antibacterial-flooring healthcare-flooring

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